Why Does My Hamster Lick Me?

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Are you interested in learning why your hamster licks you? We have answers for you after doing research on this question. To make sure your hamster eats a balanced diet, you must understand why they lick you.

Even though hamsters may lick you occasionally out of affection, if they are licking you too much, they may be lacking in salt. Check out some of these other posts if you want to learn more. We will also learn the answers to other intriguing related questions, such as whether or not hamsters bite to express affection and how to show your hamster that you care. For more details, continue reading.


Why does my hamster lick me?

Have you ever had your hamster lick your hand while you were holding them? While licking your hand excessively can be a sign of affection, they might be lacking in salt.

All animals, including hamsters, require salt to survive. Low salt levels can have an impact on everything from muscles to the nervous system because salt is necessary for the body to send electrical impulses properly.

Let’s talk about whether it’s okay for your hamster to lick you now that we understand why they do it. Both hamsters and humans will crave salt when their entire body is deficient in it.

It’s possible that your hamster is enjoying the salt on your hands if you notice it licking you repeatedly without stopping. Licking the salt off your hand can become addictive to hamsters, just as potato chips or french fries can become addictive to humans.

If your hamster does suffer from a salt deficiency, you will need to supplement its diet with salt. You could accomplish this in a few different ways.

Salt lick

Providing your hamster with a salt lick is one way to help. Your hamster can add more salt to their diet by licking a block of salt, which is known as a salt lick.

Use of a salt lick does require caution. Hamsters can lick their salt too much, just like people can eat too many potato chips. Your hamster’s kidneys could suffer if they lick their salt lick too frequently.

When hamsters or humans consume salt, their kidneys must filter it, which reduces the lifespan of their kidneys. The kidneys in your hamster will stop functioning once they have reached the end of their lifespan.

Since hamsters cannot undergo dialysis, your pet’s life will end as a result. If you give your hamster a salt lick, remove it after a few days so that they don’t have unlimited access to salt in order to prevent self-injury.

Selecting a different hamster food

Changing your hamster’s food is another way to address its salt deficiency. If your hamster has a salt deficiency, their diet isn’t providing them with enough salt.

See how much sodium is in the hamster food. then look for a new hamster food that contains more sodium.

Giving your hamster a salt lick, which can hurt your pet if done incorrectly, is a much safer alternative.

The body has developed a clever mechanism to make sure that enough salt is consumed because salt is so essential to the body.

Why Does My Hamster Lick Me

Is it safe when hamsters lick you?

Rodents include hamsters in their family. They can transmit leptospirosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and meningitis, just like all rodents can. You might be wondering if your hamster can still lick you in light of this.

The short answer is that hamsters can lick you without harm. The majority of the time, it is risk-free because rodents cannot spread these illnesses to humans on their own; rather, they must come into contact with an infected rodent or mammal.

It is unlikely that your hamster, if kept indoors and isn’t a wild animal, will harbor any of these illnesses. However, this does not imply that there is no risk.

Occasionally, diseased rodents can find shelter in your house and unintentionally infect your pet. If this occurs, your hamster will be able to spread these diseases to you.

The CDC advises against pregnant women cleaning out their hamster’s cage because of the low but significant risk involved. They also advise against sleeping in the same room as your pet rodent while expecting.

Despite these dangers, there is something easy that can be done to be safer. If you touch a hamster and then wash your hands, you’ll be removing germs that could lead to potentially fatal illnesses.

Before handling your sick hamster, take it to the doctor to make sure they didn’t contract the illness from a diseased mouse or vole.

If you notice rodents in your home, make sure to call an exterminator right away. They could pose a serious threat to both you and your hamster.

Let’s talk about whether or not hamsters can give kisses now that we know if it’s safe for them to lick you.

Can hamsters give kisses?

Hamsters won’t kiss you, even though they might lick your lips if you bring them close to you. Like when they lick your hands, they frequently lick your lips in search of salt.

It’s not a good idea to let hamsters lick your lips since they can carry diseases. While germs on your hands can be cleaned off with soap and water, those on your lips are more likely to enter your body and cause illness.

Hamsters can get to know you and make attempts at affection. Your hamster may show you affection if you regularly show it to them. Hamster is amenable to cuddling.

Mammals include hamsters. Oxytocin is crucial for hamsters’ behavior, just like it is for all mammals. The chemical that causes feelings of love and closeness is oxytocin. Oxytocin is released when you spend time with your hamster, which benefits both of you.

To feel content and bonded, oxytocin is required by all mammals. Your hamster might experience depression and become lethargic if they don’t get enough oxytocin.

So even though it’s not a good idea to kiss your hamster, you should still hold and be close to it. This will make them happy and strengthen your relationship with them. Let’s discuss whether hamsters bite to express affection now that we are aware they don’t give kisses.


Do hamsters bite to show affection?

Sometimes, hamsters will bite to show affection. However, these affectionate bites are distinct from violent ones. Observe how hard your hamster bites you to determine whether it is doing so out of adoration or aggression.

If they bite you firmly enough to cause bleeding, it is an aggressive bite. However, if they are tenderly nibbling on your finger, they might be expressing their love for you.

To compare love bites and aggressive bites, let’s first talk about love bites.

Love bites

A hamster may be trying to express their happiness to you by giving you little nibbles. Cats and dogs are among the many mammals that do this. But nursing is the reason they do it, just like cats and dogs.

Mammals, which are defined as having mammary glands, have a lot in common. Every mammal begins its existence by nursing from its mother’s breasts. All mammals have a hardwired need for the comfort that mothers provide.

They feel as though they are in the security of their mother when your hamster or other mammalian pet is gently biting you because they are so at ease with you. They might start to gently bite you in a pattern akin to nursing milk as a result of this.

This is a huge compliment because it means your hamster is so at ease around you that they consider you to be their mother. However, there is an additional explanation for why your hamster might be lightly biting you, and it has to do with food.

If you don’t wash your hands after eating, you might occasionally have very small amounts of food oils on them. As a result, your hamster might mistakenly think that your finger has food on it and try to eat some of it. Wash your hands before handling your hamster to clear up any confusion.

Let’s learn why your hamster might bite you if they are feeling aggressive now that we know why they are giving you love bites.


Aggressive Bites

Aggressive biting is when your hamster bites you so forcefully that you bleed. The main reason your hamster might attack you with a bite is that they are afraid. It’s possible that your hamster doesn’t know you or that you startled them.

Try not to grab your hamster so quickly in the future. In order to give your hamster a chance to get to know you before handling them, try sitting with them and talking to them frequently for a few days if they are not familiar with you.

You can tell your hamster knows you like them if they come to you when you walk in the room or start talking.

Let’s now discuss how to express your love for your hamster.

How can you express your love to your hamster?

Maintaining a clean cage and a supply of food for your hamster is the best way to show them that you care. Your hamsters will be more open to your love if their needs are met.

A good way to show your hamster you care is to hold them. Lightly rub their backs while you’re holding them to cheer them up.

Singing and conversing with your hamster are other options. When you sing and converse with your hamster, they will frequently start to recognize your voice and may even start to come to you. Your hamster should feel more at ease and be less likely to bite as a result.

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