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You get to choose the name for your brand-new pet hamster. Researching unique and adorable hamster names is perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of pet ownership, but if you get stuck trying to come up with the ideal name for your hamster, you might become stuck. Should you follow trends or stick with what you know? Should the name of your new friend be something normal, human, or something strange, beastly? Which pun can you possible get away with using the best? Not to be taken lightly is the naming procedure. Consider each after going over a couple of the top candidates on your list.


How should I name my hamster?

Thoughts can be generated in advance, but the final decision should be made after bringing your lovely new rodent home. Take a moment to consider a couple of your favorite names. Some may have human origins (like Sarah the Hamster), while others may be firmly animal-related (like Spot). It’s important to approach this with an open mind and before seeing them in person. Then, after you have your hamster, allow your new companion to influence you and assist them in helping you choose the ideal name. If they have any distinctive markings or personality qualities, something might immediately stand out.

What are the most typical names for hamsters?

It shouldn’t be surprising that several of the most popular hamster names play on the term “hamster” itself. Try Hammy, Hamlet, or Hamilton if you want to give your creature a traditional name. Further bonus points if their sister’s name is Ham Sandwich, we also believe Hamburger would make a decent one. Consider their distinguishing qualities as an alternative. Both Cheeks and Whiskers won’t ever steer you wrong. Others, like Splotchy or Patches, can be suitable for a lovable pet with particularly striking markings. Try Lady Stuffed Cheeks or Sir-Snuffs-A-Lot to take things a step further.


What should I name my boy hamster?

You’ll finally locate the right name, no matter which way you turn. Try Gus, Frodo, or Chadwick if you want a name that sounds decidedly boyish. Or choose Despereaux, Doctor Hamster, or Hamtaro from among several well-known rodents. He will enjoy being referred to as a well-known and courageous member of his species.

What should I name my girl hamster?

You’ll succeed if you give the female hamster the name of an audacious historical figure because she is little more aggressive than the male. For a person who is extremely daring, pick Amelia (Earhart) or Nelie (Bly). Cassandra or Athena will reveal her genuine personality if you want a more reflective name. She might prefer hearing Rapier or Jester instead, so don’t worry too much about a ladylike name.

What are unique and adorable hamster names?

It doesn’t really matter to hamsters if they have a “boy” or “girl” theme, but you might enjoy compiling a collection of both. Other species often suit these pets, so try out Rhino, Bear, or Lion, to see if any of those fit. Fruits or flowers might also be used. A little pet could be aptly described by the names Apple, Lily, Rose, and Plum. You’re looking for something more special? Decide between Criceto (Italian for “hamster”) and Mascota (dog in Spanish). Last but not least, you could always think of something unique all by yourself, a name that would only go with your newest addition and nobody else.


Have fun naming your little friend!

There is less hurry to hold onto a name and you won’t really be utilizing it for training as hamsters take a long time to learn their names and may never really get the hang of it, unlike dogs or even cats. If a handle doesn’t stick when you test it, don’t be concerned. A perfect name could appear out of the blue, perhaps the first time they do something very endearing.

You can use this list of unique, adorable hamster names as a starting point to get you started. Before you and your partner decide it’s OK, you might go through a dozen! Make it into a game if everything else fails. On a sheet of paper, make a circle and write your top names, each with a treat next to them. Then, place your animal in the center of the sheet that has been laid out on the floor. Whichever one they approach first receives their new lifelong title.

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