The Best Hamster Cages For Pet Owners

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The best hamster cages for pet owners

When you decide to get new hamster cages, you’ll need to prepare a few things before your new pet arrives. However, before you choose your cage, you need to determine the best location in your home for the little man. This will assist you in deciding which cage to purchase and how to configure it.

After that, you may go cage shopping to choose one that suits well in your chosen spot. There are several sorts to pick from, including glass, wire, wood, plastic, and a combination of all of these. Check out the top hamster cages for every room and style.


What cages are harmful to hamsters?

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way. The most common mistake that new hamster caretakers make is purchasing a cage that is way too tiny. For this fascinating creature, the bigger the better. You may also keep him entertained by including plenty of tubing, ladders, and a wheel. Combining all of these characteristics improves even the most basic cage, so don’t be concerned if you start with a mediocre tank. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid getting a wire cage with readily separated bars or a plastic cage that can be eaten through.

Should hamsters be kept in cages or tanks?

Both have advantages, though the wire cage may eventually be superior because it allows for better airflow (though this may not be the greatest option for every household). Finding a cage with a piece of wire and another area that is more tank-like is one possibility. If you have other pets or little children in the house, glass provides more protection. You’ll want to acquire a cage with very close-fitting bars, especially if you have a dwarf hamster, which can fit through much smaller spaces than you may expect.

What type of hamster cage is best?

When it comes to the best hamster cage, you have a lot of alternatives.

  • Favola Hamster Cage

With this housing, you get the best of both worlds: a two-story house for your hamster. Furthermore, they are all highly regarded by pet owners. All of these will provide your animal with the appropriate amount of space and enrichment, so choose the one that works best for you. He can eat and drink or hide on top while carefully monitoring the world around him.

Down below, he can burrow or gallop in the integrated sweet wheel for lots of exercise and enjoyment. It’s easy to set up and “hamster-friendly,” according to reviewers, because the ladder and floor won’t injure their delicate paws. This one, however, will not work as well for someone searching for an epic tubing setup.

  • Midwest Critterville Arcade

Instead of two storeys, this house features a primary cage area with a fun playground portion on top. The office remains on the first floor, while the party takes place in the upper play area. He’ll enjoy the freedom to climb and run on the wheel whenever he wants, far away from his food and litter. You’ll need a cage, accessories, plates, and bedding to build up his setup.

I double love this layout, a satisfied customer writes, adding that there’s actually room for an additional layer to provide your hamster even more room and entertainment.

  • Living World Deluxe Habitat

Last but not least, consider the deluxe version of what a hamster world can be. Instead of presenting your pet with multiple stories, this one provides an extra-long space for him to run. It features a lot of room for customization and is billed as the “bestest ever” and a great value for the price. It doesn’t come with many fancy accessories, but it does allow you an excellent opportunity to construct your own style.


Conclusions regarding hamster cages

You can make it your own no matter which one you choose. Begin with a minimal design and with a few basic accessories, and then see how your new critter reacts. He might be a runner, in which case you’ll need to include various exercise zones and plenty of area for him to run around.

Perhaps he would enjoy chewing and you will want to litter the floor with specially designed toys (and replace them frequently). Tubing is ideal for an explorer and may be attached to the majority of cages. While the first purchase must be carefully considered, see the cage as an evolving home rather than a one-and-done. He’ll like having new areas to explore.

If you want more helpful advice on looking after your hamster, including tips on food, toys, accessories and accommodation, add a comment below to let us know!

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