Required Hamster Supplies

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Owning a pet hamster is a big responsibility, and part of it is making sure he has everything he needs to live a happy life. There are many things to think about, from the habitat he’ll live in to the food and other accessories he’ll need. A handy list about required hamster supplies can assist you in getting organized before you go shopping.

Required hamster supplies

Certain essential supplies are required for every hamster. Make sure to include these or similar items on your shopping list.

Safe hamster housing

Hamsters are masters of escape. Whether you choose a dwarf hamster or a Syrian hamster, they all seem to find a way to wiggle out of their cages. As a result, the most escape-proof enclosure is an aquarium with a screened lid to allow for adequate airflow.

A 20-gallon aquarium with a mesh top can keep your pet safe and contained. Some units have a mesh top that folds in the center, while others have a one-piece top that slides out. Hamsters can live in either style. The aquarium is 30.25 inches long, 12.5 inches deep, and 12.75 inches tall, and it costs around $70.

Non-toxic bedding

Bedding absorbs moisture from your pet’s waste while also providing a comfortable ground cover for your pet to burrow into and feel safe. Some bedding materials, such as pine and cedar, emit fumes that can be harmful to a hamster’s health, so always use non-toxic bedding to line your pet’s habitat.

  • So Phresh Natural Aspen Bedding offers great absorbency and doesn’t release any harmful fumes. Add about two inches of aspen to your hamster’s freshly cleaned cage, and plan to scoop out soiled bedding as needed. The bedding should be replaced completely each week when you clean your pet’s entire habitat. A 56.6 liter bag costs approximately $11.
  • Sunseed’s Fresh World Bedding is made from recycled newspapers and magazines, so it’s eco-friendly bedding that’s safe for your pet. This bedding also contains baking soda to reduce odors. Line your pet’s habitat with about three inches of bedding, and plan on replacing it completely each week. A bag containing about 450 cubic inches of bedding runs about $19.
Food and water accessories

Heavy crocks and water bottles are the best options for supplying your hamster with food and water. Heavy crocks are less likely to tip over, and water bottles keep your pet’s water supply clean.

  • All Living Things® Small Animal Feeding Dishes come in various sizes. The two-ounce size crock offers easy access for small breed hamsters, and the five-ounce crocks are perfect for Syrian hamsters. These crocks are easy to wash, come in a variety of colors, and prices run under $3 for this size range.
  • Lixit’s Aquarium/Cage Water Bottle can be hung from cage bars or a screened aquarium lid. The design also discourages climbing and if you hang it just low enough for your hamster to drink from the tube, he’ll have difficulty reaching the bottle to chew it. Plan to refill the bottle with fresh water every day. It holds five ounces of water and retails for about $5 for the 4.9 ounce bottle and about $6 for the 10 ounce bottle.
Hamster food

Feeding your hamster a nutritious diet will keep him healthy. To ensure that you are meeting his nutritional needs, it is usually best to feed a variety of foods. Make a balanced, pelleted diet your pet’s primary food, and supplement with a small amount of standard hamster mix two to three times per week as a tasty supplement to keep him from getting bored with his food. You can also provide a few fresh foods each week, but only in small amounts to avoid upsetting your hamster’s digestive system.

  • Oxbow Essentials Healthy Handfuls Hamster and Gerbil food provides balanced nutrition. Since this is a pelleted diet, your pet can’t just pick out certain foods and leave others behind. A one-pound bag costs approximately $5.
  • Sunseed Vita Prima Hamster and Gerbil Formula includes a mix of veggies, seeds, peanuts, calcium, probiotics and other ingredients. Include a teaspoon of this mix in your hamster’s bowl every few days as a nutritious treat. A two-pound bag runs about $11.
Additional hamster supplies

Once you’ve gathered all of your pet’s necessities, it’s time to think about a few extras that will benefit his health and environment.

  • The Bend-A-Bridge serves as a combination sleeping hut, climbing toy, and chew toy. The wood is natural fir which will help keep your pet’s teeth from overgrowing. The unit measures 11-inches x 6-1/2 inches and sells for under $4.
  • The Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Exercise Ball will help you keep track of your pet when he’s out of his habitat. The plastic ball has ventilation slots, and you can clean it easily with soap and water. Make sure to rinse it well and dry it before you let your pet use it. The 7-inch ball sells for about $6.
  • The Super Pet Hamtrac Exercise Loop is a great accessory to pair with your hamster’s ball, and it offers a safe way for him to get extra exercise outside of his cage. Simply put him in his ball, set it on the track, and let him run around for about 10 minutes at a time. You can also use this exercise toy as a place to keep your pet while you’re cleaning out his habitat. The track measures 25-inches across x 1-1/4 inches high, and the set sells for under $11.
  • Use the Kritter Keeper to transport your pet to his veterinary checkups. The mini unit measures 4.80 inches x 7.40 inches x 5.60 inches high and has a ventilated lid. Just add an inch or two of fresh bedding and the Keeper is ready for traveling. The mini unit sells for about $15.

Don’t spend all of your money at once!

Providing a hamster with everything he requires can be costly, so don’t feel obligated to buy everything right away. Begin by purchasing the necessities as you can and having them ready for your pet before bringing him home. After that, you can start adding other accessories to his new habitat to make it a fun and cozy place for him to live.

If you want more helpful advice on looking after your hamster, including tips on food, toys, accessories and accommodation, add a comment below to let us know!

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