Recommended Hamster Food [Hamster Diet]

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Recommended hamster food

After covering the why and how of hamster nutrition in our previous articles, we are here to help you out with the what and the where!

This article serves as a guide to the best hamster food options available for our Singaporean parents, and shortly outlines some of the pros and cons of the food mixes that HSS recommends. 

Do note that that the only food mixes suitable for hamster consumption have been listed covered in our article. Any food mixes not listed in this article should be avoided as they are likely to be lacking in nutrition, variety, or quality. Even if you are confident with the QVQ concept and capable of creating your own mix, please proceed with great caution.

Local options

Bunny Nature (Dwarf) Hamster Dream Expert

Our recommended locally available food mix for hamsters.

Cost (for 500g) / Location:

$17.45 / selected Pets Station outlets

$16 / Little Flower Pet Shop (Serangoon North)

$17.40 (before discounts) / Pet Lovers Centre

Guaranteed analysis:

Hamster Dream Expert (for Syrians): protein 15%, fats 6,5%, fibre 6%

Dwarf Hamster Dream Expert (for Dwarves): protein 15,5%, fats 6,5%, fibre 7%


22+ whole ingredients, 15+ unique ingredients

No added sugar, risky preservatives and artificial dyes


  1. Superior variety, quality, and nutrition
  2. Max value for money due to lack of fillers and well-loved by hamsters


  1. Premium quality means premium price
  2. Contains mealworms in both versions, which are not typically consumed by Syrians
  3. Protein slightly low. Requires food mixing (e.g. adding lab blocks) especially for young hamsters

*Disclaimer: This information is only applicable for the Expert version, which costs only SGD 1 more than the Basic version. Due to the presence of pellets in the Basic version, which are processed and not typically consumed by hamsters, we only recommend purchasing the Expert version.

Additional details:

There are 2 distinct mixes for Syrians (Hamster Dream) and Dwarves (Dwarf Hamster Dream). The main difference lies in the sweet peppers, corn, and apples present in Hamster Dream, versus the larger quantities of dried flowers such as Rose, Chamomile, and Calendula in Dwarf Hamster Dream. Basically, Dwarf Hamster Dream has a lower sugar content due to the fact that Dwarves are genetically more prone to developing Type 2 diabetes. Hence, the dwarf version is also a great mix for prediabetic or already diabetic hamsters, and can technically even be given to Syrians with no adverse effects. However, we generally recommend sticking to Hamster Dream for Syrians and Dwarf Hamster Dream for Dwarves.

Rodipet Organic Syrian/Dwarf Hamster Food (Junior/Senior)

A superior quality food mix with amazing variety, this is THE recommended food mix for your hamster.

No worries about additional food mixing necessary. 

Cost (for 500g) / Location:

SGD 24

Available at Little Flower Pet Shop, Pets’ Street @ Sun Plaza, @luckycharmyy and

Guaranteed analysis:

Syrian Junior

Protein: 14.9%, Fat: 9.2%, Fiber: 7.9%

Syrian Senior:

Protein: 14.2%, Fat: 8.6%, Fiber: 8.2%


More than 30 unique and whole ingredients

No Added Sugar, No Risky Preservatives, No Artificial Dyes


  1. Fantastic variety with tons of unique whole ingredients
  2. No mealworms, plant-based protein (important for Syrians)


  1. Not enough protein. Need to mix with lab blocks.

Disclaimer: If you are able to acquire Rodipet overseas, you may consider purchasing the Organic Teddy versions. These have way higher protein and fiber levels and do not require mixing.

Imported options

As you can see, the number of suitable food mixes in Singapore is extremely limited (there are only 2). As a result, many tech-savvy Singaporean parents have turned to the internet to secure safe and superior quality food mixes from overseas. Here are two of our recommended imported food mixes:

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend

 A good quality and reasonably-priced option for your hamster.

Cost (for 1.1kg) / Location:

Approximately SGD15 / Airfrov or Carousell (pre-order)

Guaranteed analysis:

Protein: 15.0%, Fat:7.0%, Fiber: 9.5%


17 whole ingredients, 7 unique ingredients

Presence of Added Sugar, No Risky Preservatives, No Artificial Dyes


  1. Well-balanced variety
  2. No mealworms (good if you have a Syrian)
  3. Reasonably priced


  1. Not available locally 
  2. May require effort to find online
  3. Protein slightly low. Requires food mixing (e.g. adding lab blocks) especially for young hamsters

Home mixes

There are many home mixes available on platforms such as Carousell and Facebook. 

Hamster Society Singapore neither endorses any of these publicly available home mixes, nor discourages the sale and purchasing of such items.

We do, however, strongly advise all parents to do careful and thorough research before making any purchases. This is our stance on all items of hamster nutrition, regardless of whether they are commercial or private. Always check if the home-made mix is of a safe and sufficient quality for your hamster by reading any existing reviews and doing your own QVQ calculations. If possible, also find out where the seller sources ingredients from.


  1. Recommended locally available mix: Bunny Nature (Dwarf) Hamster Dream Expert and Rodipet Hamster Food
  2. Recommended imported mix: Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend
  3. Home mixes: always do a thorough QVQ (Quantity, Variety, Quality) calculation before purchasing. 

If you want more helpful advice on looking after your hamster, including tips on food, toys, accessories and accommodation, add a comment below to let us know!

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