How To Tame A Hamster?

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How to tame a hamster?

Bringing home a new hamster is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful for your new hammie as they get used to all of the new sights, sounds and smells. Giving your new companion some time to adjust to their new environment before handling them, usually 3 to 7 days, will make dealing with them much simpler.


Using treats to increase trust

To make sure your hamster is eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, and otherwise acting healthy, watch their behavior. To help your hamster learn to trust you, talk to them gently as they settle in and consider giving them a reward out of your hand. Let them come up to you and smell your hand and treats. They will take the treat out of your hand as they feel more at ease, and they might even climb into it, which is a sign that they are beginning to trust you.

By gradually moving the treat farther back on your palm, your hamster will have to walk into your palms to obtain it, which will encourage them to start climbing onto your hand. Depending on how amiable your hamster is, you might need to repeat this procedure every day until it’s eager to interact with you.


Pick a hamster up the right way

As soon as you’re ready to hold your hamster, make sure it’s awake and gently place your hand inside of its home. Your hamster should approach your hand and possibly even hop on board if your prior attempt to reward them with a goodie was effective. Try picking them up with their hideaway or the cardboard carrier you brought them home if they don’t jump into your hand and you need to remove them from their habitat to clean it. When both of you are ready to begin full-on handling, gently pick them up while holding them in your hands to stop them from jumping down.

Before removing your hamster from its habitat, use mild speech and a gentle touch with your thumb to make sure they are at ease. Always hold your hamster close to your body or over a table until you are comfortable with them to help prevent potentially fatal falls. Your hamster might try walking from hand to hand after you both grow acclimated to one another or explore as much as you can safely let. To ensure that your hamster associates these interactions with good feelings, keep giving them goodies as you hold them.


Use caution when waking a sleeping hamster

When you wish to hold your hamster, if they are sleeping, you must first rouse them up. A sleeping hamster could become startled if you grab them, waking them up and making them scream or bite. This could also make it harder for your hamster to connect being handled with good memories by associating it with unpleasant startles.

Keep calm and carry on!

Hamster personalities range; some may just want to cuddle, while others may shriek or flee. To rouse them from their dreams, you might also try giving them a fragrant treat. Move the bedding around your hamster and speak sweetly to them as you gently prod them into awakening. The secret to effective hamster pet rearing is being patient and letting them move at their own speed. Never scold your hamster for being terrified; always maintain your composure. Your companion will come to appreciate spending time with you just as much as you do if you repeatedly engage in pleasant interactions and demonstrate their trust in you.

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