How To Find A Lost Hamster?

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How to find a lost hamster?

Don’t panic if you’ve suddenly lost one of your hamsters because it managed to escape from its cage or ran away during one of its exercise sessions outside the cage. You can find it and catch it. You shouldn’t feel bad because hamsters are naturally inquisitive and persistent animals. It will take advantage of any opportunity to venture into uncharted area.

Nevertheless, if your hamster disappears, keep quiet and calm.



Making a lot of noise when sorting through your belongings or moving huge furniture is the worst thing you can do. Moving furniture or recklessly tossing stuff around in a panicked attempt to discover your misplaced hamster can result in a dead or damaged hamster. The loud noises will drive the hamster even further into hiding.

Your hamster might not be able to escape its hiding location even after being caught if you mistakenly block a hole or passage it entered through by moving furniture. Instead, lock all of the doors to the space where you believe your hamster is hiding, and then sit quietly while keeping an eye out for it. You can keep an ear out for any tiny footprints on the floor, chewing on your furniture, or even a few squeaks.

Capture your pet

You can try to build some obstacles to try to contain and direct your lost hamster to you once you have determined where it has found its way to.

You will need the following items to create your hamster trap:

  • one garbage container or bucket
  • a ladder or ramp for hamsters
  • cage bedding for your hamsters
  • a napkin or towel
  • your hamster’s preferred food

Place a bucket against the wall of the space you believe your escaped hamster is hiding. Large PVC pipes or mailing tubes can function well as a pathway for your hamster to reach you. If your presence causes your hamster to flee, put a cage down, fill a box with some of its cozy bedding, or bribe it with some of its favorite treats.


Utilizing treats, catch it

You can attempt luring your missing hamster out by leaving its preferred hamster goodies out if you don’t know where it is. Try dropping a nice yogurt drop or piece of apple into the hamster cage you’ve set up on the floor. Put a ramp up to the cage door from the ground. This will lessen the possibility that your hamster will decide against going for your trap. In addition, try hiding treats in every room and closing the doors if you don’t know which one your fugitive hamster is in. You can determine which heaps have been consumed in the morning, helping you to pinpoint the location of your hamster’s hiding place.

Makeshift traps

You can create your own humane hamster trap, as well as purchase one from a nearby pet store or borrow one from an animal shelter. As these obstacles, you can use books, cardboard, or pieces of wood.

Place a few snacks on top of the soft bedding after adding some bedding to the bottom.

For your hamster to climb up and see inside the bucket, lean a ramp or ladder up against it.

A reward should be placed in the center of the bucket, with a cloth or napkin covering the opening.

If the bucket is deep enough, your hamster will fall while attempting to get the treats and become stuck. The lure of these delicacies will be more than enough for many hamsters, causing the hamster to unintentionally fall in while attempting to get them. On the other hand, you will need to add the fourth step if your hamster is too smart to fall for this handmade trap. The towel and the hamster will fall into the bucket safely if your hamster tries to climb out onto it to obtain the treat. When your hamster realizes it can’t get out, it will eat the snacks and presumably curl up and take a nap.


Stop one from getting away

The greatest method to prevent losing any hamsters is to provide adequate hamster care in the first place. You should do this by checking the hamster’s cage every day. Use wire or tape to firmly fasten all the doors and apertures. Replace any weak areas of the cage that your hamsters have been chewing on. Before opening the cage door, shut the door to the room your hamster is in as a prudent security precaution. If your hamster escapes, this will limit how far it can go. Finally, always close the cage doorway securely after returning your hamster to its home.

The hamster is really a perfect pet when you get to know it. There are many good tips in our articles about hamsters, and if you get one, you’ll likely figure out that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many more things you are able to do to make both you as well as your hamster bond and have a great relationship.

Have we missed anything? What did you do to find your lost hamster? Add a comment below to let us know!

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