How To Entertain A Hamster

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How to entertain a hamster

Hamsters are intelligent creatures who require entertainment in order to be happy. While a wheel can certainly offer entertainment, hamsters can also get bored running on a wheel night after night. Make your hamster as happy as possible by using toys and interacting with your new pet. Sometimes it might even require a bit of creativity at treat time to keep your little guy entertained.

How to make a hamster happy

It is crucial to keep your Hamsters happy and entertained. Many owners don’t even realize even Hamster to have emotions. and they can feel sad or depressed sometimes. Trust me, a depressed Hamster is tough to handle and care for.

Starting right from choosing a appropriate sized enclosure to understanding your Hamster’s basic needs, is important to keep them happy.

If we fail to meet the basic needs of our little ones, it can lead to stress in them. Hamsters also need mental stimulation to stay busy and entertained. That will help them to avoid depression and sadness.

How to tell if a hamster is bored?

Hamsters are quite active and they cannot sit quietly in one place for a very long time.

If your Hamster is bored they will probably start to bite the cage or will just lie down lethargically at one corner of the cage.

You will also see that your Hamsters tend to sleep more than usual.

Try choosing different varieties of toys so that your furry friend does not get bored.

Choose a safe wheel

A hamster can get his foot caught in the bars of a wire wheel, which can lead to a broken limb. Instead, purchase a wheel that is made of solid, sturdy plastic. It also helps to choose a model that is noiseless so that your pet can enjoy his wheel without driving you nuts.

Provide interactive toys

There are a number of interactive hamster toys to choose from. Place a puzzle house in the cage for your hamster to explore. There are also cardboard mazes that provide both entertainment and something to chew on. Make sure the toys you choose are made for hamsters. Never add small toys made for children, as they can choke your hamster or cause intestinal blockage. One of the best interactive toys you can give your hamster is a hollow ball. Hamsters love rolling around the house, checking out all the different sights. Plus, it’s great exercise.

Alternate toys

One mistake hamster owners make is to keep the same toys in the cage. Over time, your hamster will get bored with the same old toys, just as kids often do. By alternating the toys, you keep your hamster entertained without having to buy every toy at the pet shop. Even the wheel should be removed for a couple days at a time to keep the hamster interested in running on it.

Hide treats

Sometimes you don’t need to provide a toy. The simple act of hiding treats in your hamster’s habitat can be like a scavenger hunt for your pet. Hamsters have an incredible sense of smell and will love hunting out their favorite treats.

Play with her

No toy can replace the entertainment a hamster gets from interacting with her owner. Get your hamster out each evening after her daily sleep. This not only offers entertainment, but it also ensures that your pet doesn’t revert to her wild behavior, resulting in the need to hand-train her once more.

If you want more helpful advice on looking after your hamster, including tips on toys, accessories and accommodation, add a comment below to let us know!

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