Hamster vs Gerbil – Which Should You Get?

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Hamster vs Gerbil – Which should you get?

We are aware that young people and those new to pet ownership do well with little animals. But if you are unfamiliar with them, it might be difficult to decide which type of small animal to purchase. After all, how much do you actually understand about the distinctions between a chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, and gerbil?


Even while some things are true regardless of which one you choose (they require more work than you think), you should have a clear notion of what kind of pet will fit into your household before bringing her home. Just set aside rodent recess for the evening when you’ll both be in the mood.

Are you trying to stay on the smaller side? That already makes it more specific. If you don’t want something too large, the choice is hamster or gerbil. Determine which one will work best for you by considering these factors.

Gerbils sleep at night so they won’t keep you up all night

A gerbil will easily adapt to your sleeping patterns, whereas hamsters find it more challenging. Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so even if you work on some training techniques to make them more aware of your actions, they will stay up for a large portion of the night. But if you have a gerbil as a pet, you already have a daytime friend who will like playing with you when you want to hang out.

Make sure you still find time to interact if you do happen to land on a hamster.


Hamsters want to live alone

The majority of hamsters are major loners; they dislike living with other members of their own species since they can be aggressive. Instead, when they’re playing with you, they’ll have fun. The only person who can hang out with one of these is a best friend, so if you want one, be ready to get one. On the other hand, gerbils require extra-small groups or pairs of the same sex to live. There are advantages to having a small colony that can fend for itself, but more creatures imply more mouths to feed. And there’s more mess, too.

Most likely, you’ll keep your gerbil for longer

None of these creatures will live as long as a dog or a cat, and none of them will live for a century like some reptiles. Give or take a few of years, you can anticipate your pet rodent staying with you. Additionally, the excitement of caring for them can fade after a few months if there are still years of cage cleaning ahead of you (especially for little kids). Despite the fact that it may feel like only a few many years, all of these creatures still require a commitment. However, the average lifespan of a gerbil is a little bit longer, so mark it off in their column.


Gerbils are generally smaller (but that might not mean what you think)

When we think about hamsters, we typically refer to Syrian hamsters, which may reach heights of 7 inches, but gerbils are typically smaller (though that may not signify what you think). Gerbils are normally smaller since they grow to a maximum height of 4 inches. Dwarf hamsters, the smallest of all, are not included in it because they are only 2 inches long. Don’t assume that having small hands means you should choose a small animal. In fact, it might make it harder to hang on to, which could make a pet more prone to falling. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, stick with the considerably heavier Syrian if you have tiny humans running around.

Hamsters use a smaller cage

Now that it has been shown that hamsters are the larger species, why do they require less space? In general, gerbils adore burrowing even more than the rest of the rodent family. Consequently, all of these species will require sizable spaces, but gerbils require a tank that is especially deep so that they have a place to descend to. Additionally, keep in mind that you will always require a small group of gerbils to coexist in the habitat; you can never have one gerbil on her own. Honestly, bigger is better here, no matter what kind of animal you end up with, if you can afford more room in your house for them to run around.


The two require a lot of exercise

A large cage is crucial, yet despite her small stature, your new pet is very active, both hamster and gerbil. Regardless matter what you’re doing, get her a good wheel to play with. You should also pay attention to her. You should have a secure space where you may take your hamster or pair of gerbils for some playtime, away from the house where she won’t run away or get lost. Keep a ton of toys and games on hand to keep you both entertained and to change things up periodically. Both of these creatures require mental and physical stimulation since they are intelligent.

Which of these lovely tiny animals will best suit your lifestyle is ultimately up to you (and your family). You have a few factors to consider, but you can also get some hands-on experience by visiting with someone’s pet or checking one out at a pet store. You may throw your benefits and drawbacks list out the window when you first see cute little black eyes looking back at you and know you’ve found the right one.

Which one will you choose? Add a comment below to let us know!

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