How To Find Lost Hamster The Same Day It Goes Missing?

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How to find lost hamster the same day it goes missing?

Keeping a pet safe and secure requires a lot of time on your part. However, even if you have your little hamster’s cage set up perfectly and never leave him alone, you can stroll in one day and find it empty and without your pet inside. Small animals are notorious for finding ways to get out of their cages by gnawing, shrinking, or pushing up a lid. Don’t freak out when you realize your hamster is missing. However, you must move rapidly. To avoid frightening him into escaping, you should first conduct a quick covert search.

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Where do hamsters hide when they get out?

Look around the nearby area right away, including behind and under objects. Like so many other rodents, hamsters enjoy hiding; they could do so out of instinct even if they secretly want to be found. Given that he has only ever traveled to a limited part of the planet, he will probably stay nearby at first. Examine the surrounding furniture, such as couches, TVs, and blankets. Remember that your child enjoys taking naps during the day, so you might discover him dozing off in a cozy spot in the house.

What can I do to find my hamster?

In addition to using your sight to search for a hamster hiding place, you should also use your hearing and nose to locate your pet. You will be familiar with the sounds he enjoys making because you are his owner, so you may be able to listen to him and find him. At some time, your nose will also be useful, usually if he has been gone for long enough to require the restroom. You’ll find his new hiding place thanks to a urine trail left by hamsters.

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How do I attract my lost hamster?

These tiny animals have enormous minds, and they might pick up on your speech and even their names. If you need to know how to find a missing hamster, just follow these instructions. Try shouting out or making silly noises if you can’t get him in the first few minutes. He will equate playtime and fun with picking up his favorite toy or spinning his wheel. That can make him scramble to find you again (and his games).

How do I lure my hamster out of hiding?

Once the novelty of freedom wears off, your hamster will quickly realize that he would prefer to be back in his cozy, warm cage with a full meal prepared for him (we give him five minutes max). After all, you spoil him with an endless supply of food, toys, and love. He might not know where to go, have problems getting back home, or fail to see the urgency.

To prevent him from returning to his house and discovering that his cage is missing, place it somewhere that is both visible and not too far from where you typically store it. Set his all-time favorite snack in his cage so that he may easily access it. This is the time to take a step back and let the goodie draw him in. You can snatch him back into his quarters for a siesta after he lumbers out for dinner. Undoubtedly, he’ll require it.

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What other precautions can I take?

Before you even bring your pet home, the best thing you can do to keep him safe is to set up excellent housing. The bars in a wire cage need to be very closely spaced and regularly inspected. All rodents can fit through extremely small gaps, far smaller than you would imagine. Avoid using any kind of cage made of plastic or wood; they are too simple to chew through. Any crawling tubes that connect to other tubes should be safe and regularly checked for flaws. Finally, double-check the lid each time you open the cage because that is the most straightforward way for an animal to escape.

In the long run, you can install cameras at night to see if you can catch your small pet sneaking around. Hopefully, this will help you find where he hides. Sometimes you might not be successful straight immediately. It could be tempting to include your dog, who can definitely scent him, but unless she’s taught properly, that will also likely end poorly.

One important reminder: to prevent hurting your hammie while you search for him, keep kids and other pets away from the area.

If you want more helpful advice on looking after your hamster, including tips on food, toys, accessories and accommodation, add a comment below to let us know!

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