Does A Hamster Eat Yogurt?

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Does a hamster eat yogurt?

Hamsters are not very picky animals! They will often eat most of the things that we gave them due to their evolutionary nature; their wild counterparts would need to save a lot of food to get through the winter! But the real question is, can they actually eat the treats that we give them? For instance, can hamsters eat yogurt? They will happily take apples from our hands but is it good for them? The good news is that, yes, hamsters can eat yogurt! Dwarf hamsters should only have a tiny amount but it is possible to give some yogurt to them.

This article will be looking at this question more deeply and will look at the benefits and risks of feeding this delicious food to your pets. It will also look at the quantity in which you should give your hamster yogurt and what types of yogurt they can eat!

Only natural

Your hamster may enjoy eating yogurt, so you certainly can give him a little to see if he likes it. When you give your hamster yogurt, read the label before dropping a dollop into his dish. You should feed him the kind that is plain and natural. You might be tempted to get him a fruit-flavored variety of yogurt, but most of those have added sugar and should be avoided. Also, remove any uneaten yogurt from your hamster’s tank after an hour or two and wash the dish. Yogurt that isn’t refrigerated will go bad, which can make your hamster sick, and neither of you want to experience the odor that rotting yogurt will add to his habitat.

Yogurt-coated treats

The pet supply shops stock a number of yogurt-related treats, including little drops of yogurt that look like oversized chocolate chips, as well as fruits, nuts and hamster cookies coated in yogurt. Typically, though, the sweet tasting yogurt that is used for these particular goodies contains added sugar and should be avoided. They can cause dental problems for your little guy as well as diabetes, especially if your hamster is the Russian or Chinese variety, as those types are prone to diabetes.

Dairy is okay

Yogurt is a dairy product and dairy in general is fine to feed your hamster. In addition to yogurt, he’ll enjoy a shred or two of cheese or a little milk in a dish that he can’t knock over easily as sour milk won’t smell any better than yogurt that’s gone bad. As with anything you feed your little guy, remember that a small amount will go a long way with him, so just a little bit will be sufficient.

How much yogurt can a Syrian hamster eat?

Syrians are the largest of the hamster breeds that are domesticated. This means that they can have the most yogurt! If yogurt is the sole treat you are giving them then give them a teaspoon a week. If you are giving them yogurt and other treats then only give them half a teaspoon a week. This is to protect their health!

How much yogurt can a Robo hamster eat?

Robos are smaller than Syrians and therefore can’t have as much yogurt. Give them a teaspoon every other week, we highly recommend feeding them other treats alongside this! It means that they can have a varied diet.

How much yogurt can a dwarf hamster eat?

Dwarf Hamsters, including Campbell Dwarf’s, Chinese Hamsters and Winter White Russian Hamsters, can only have a small amount of yogurt! This is because of their size which means that their digestive system is very weak. Give them a quarter of a teaspoon every other week. This may not seem like a lot but it is for their health.

Other healthy snacks

Your hamster will enjoy variety in his food to supplement the hamster pellets that make up his basic diet. In addition to natural yogurt, you can feed him bits of hard boiled or scrambled egg, apples, berries, carrots, peas, cabbage, dry toast, cucumbers and peas. If you give him one small piece of fresh food each day, you’ll be able to keep his diet diverse, yet healthy, and he’ll think he’s living in paradise.

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