Can You Feed Peppers To Hamsters?

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Hamsters are one of the most popular pocket pets in the United States. They are really cute pets and they like eating a lot every few hours, therefore, the owner should also always have variety present in front of them to provide them with a different taste all the time which also adds to their nutrition value. But be cautioned… not all foods are safe for hamster!

So, can you feed peppers to hamsters?

What do hamsters typically eat?

These little buddies eat an assortment of things to keep them healthy and happy.

  • High-quality hamster food and Timothy hay should be the main staples of their diet.
  • Up to about 10% of their diet can be made up of an assortment of vegetables and fruits, with fruits and vegetables over 12-24 hours old being discarded as soon as possible.
  • Hamsters do best with diets low in fats and sugars.
  • Clean, fresh, filtered water. “Fresh water” means that it is changed daily. “Change daily” means that new water is placed into a CLEAN water dispenser!
  • Seeds and protein (in the form of hamster-safe insects and cooked hamster-safe meats) can also be given to hamsters in safe portion determined by your veterinarian.

Let’s talk about peppers, can you feed peppers to hamsters?

There are many different types of peppers out there, so I will cover a couple common types of peppers that you may encounter here in the United States.

  • Bell peppers:

Bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers. Bell peppers are actually a fruit, but are typically treated as a vegetable in many American dishes because of its flavor, texture, and look.

They have a very mildly sweet taste and a juicy, crisp texture.

They came in 4 main colors in the grocery store: red, yellow, orange, and green.

  • Chili peppers:

Chili peppers are smaller in size than a bell pepper and their shape is more like that of a banana. Most chili peppers found in stores have a thick glossy outer skin, that is green in color when immature and turns to a bright red when ready to eat.

They are also a fruit, but mainly used as a vegetable or spice in United States kitchens. They are used in many recipes as a spice to add heat to dishes that need more pizazz.

Chili peppers have much more of a spicy heat to them than the mild bell pepper with no spicy heat.

Can hamsters eat bell peppers?

Yes, Hamsters can eat small amounts of bell pepper. Talking about variety unlike some vegetables and herbs bell peppers do not have any toxic chemical present in them so you can be rest assured that they will not be able to poison your hamster and your hamsters are completely safe. You could give it to them as a treat as many of them like eating fresh fruits and vegetables but just so you know that this alone could not be enough for hamster’s daily calorie intake.

Why should you feed bell peppers to your hamster?

Well now you know that it is ok for you to feed bell pepper to your hamster but you should also know why it is a good choice to feed bell pepper to your hamster:

  1. Digestion – bell peppers when fed in moderation can be helpful to them in having proper digestion as they have good amounts of fibres present in them.
    Also, too much of the bell peppers can lead to loose stools so serve them in moderation it will help them in having a proper bowel movement.
  2. Strong blood vessels – bell peppers have a low amount of fat present, therefore, the low fat will keep the blood vessels unclogged for a longer amount of time and this will also make the cardiovascular system remain healthy and strong.
  3. Antioxidants – bell peppers also have vitamin a present in them that will in removing the free radicals from the body. And this will in turn reduce the risk of any disease and will keep the immunity in good shape.
  4. Healthy blood – due to the pantothenic acid present in bell peppers it will help in creating blood cells and the iron present in it would help the organism fight anaemia and have healthy blood cells.

Why should you not feed bell peppers to your hamster?

Apart from having advantages feeding bell peppers might also be a disadvantage as it may cause some problems in the hamster’s body. Some problems can be:

  1. Well, one of the rarest but possible risks of feeding your hamster bell pepper would be that some hamsters might be allergic to bell peppers. Some symptoms that you might notice can be vomiting, diarrhoea, and also stomach aches.
    If you see any of these symptoms then as a first-aid give water to them and still if the situation remains the same quickly take them to a vet as soon as possible.
  2. Bell peppers have a good amount of sugar present in them and too much sugar might lead to various problems like diabetes, obesity, and many other problems.

How to feed bell peppers to your hamster properly?

To feed bell peppers to your hamsters make sure to start with small amounts two to three times a week.
If you don’t see any reaction then you can feed them a bigger size.

You can feed them baked or steamed peppers but the chances are highly likely that they will love fresh bell peppers only. And yes, since red is much sweeter than it would prefer it more than green peppers which are slightly bitter.

Can hamsters eat chili peppers?

Feeding a small amount of bell pepper as a treat to your hamster on occasion is totally fine and they will likely love you for it. However, never feed your pet hamster any other type of pepper. The spicy factor alone could harm them to the point of causing death. Do not feed your hamster any type of chili pepper!

Can hamsters eat spicy food?

Spicy food is food that contains spices so as to give a certain ‘kick’ to culinary meal. Spices to help with this include chili pepper, capsicum, curry powder, cumin, coriander, peppers, fenugreek and ginger. They come from all across the world and are used in many different cultures, countries and civilizations. Spicy food is extremely prevalent across much of Asia, central and south America. These cuisines have made their way across the world and are very popular the world over.

So can hamsters eat spicy food? Unfortunately, they can’t. They just can’t handle spicy food like we can and it will make them sick if they eat it. Avoid feeding them spicy food.

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