3 Useful Ways To Treat a Sick Hamster

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3 useful ways to treat a sick hamster

You can take steps to treat your hamster if it is ill or hurt. You can begin treating your sick pet after observing its behavior and taking note of the symptoms and indicators. It’s important to note that the finest medicine is healthy living. Despite this, no amount of hamster care can ensure that your tiny pet will never become ill or injured during its 2-3 year lifespan.


Treatment basics

  • No matter how big or small the ill hamster is, the first thing you should do is isolate it from the rest of its housemates. The last thing you want is for a sick hamster to infect the healthy ones or for a cage full of hamsters to stress out an injured one.
  • The treatment habitat should then be heated to 70–85°F (21–29°C) and sealed against drafts. Use a heat lamp or a heating pad. Provide a hamster house for the sick hamster to hide in so that it may get away from the harsh sun, and watch out not to overheat the environment. The hamster will feel more at ease and less agitated after this heat therapy. Usually, stress causes the immune system to weaken.
  • It’s time to clean your hamster’s usual living space while it’s sedated. Put on some gloves first, then remove all the trash after cleaning your hands properly. Although it is uncommon for a human to contract a hamster disease, you should nevertheless exercise caution when handling any animal excrement since airborne particles may enter your body and cause you to become unwell (Warning: hamsters can transmit rat meningitis or fungal infections. Women who are expecting should stay away from hamsters.) Next, replace the food, drink, and bedding. Use a 10% bleach solution or diluted soapy water to sanitize all the surfaces (1/2 cup of water to 2 1/4 cups of bleach); thoroughly rinse these surfaces. Anybody, especially a tiny pet in an enclosed location, might become poisonous from lingering bleach vapors.
  • Finally, if the illness or injury doesn’t improve despite your best efforts at treatment, you might need to see a veterinarian. Seek out a veterinarian as soon as possible because it’s crucial to get the right medication in a timely manner.

Hamster medical treatment

Prior to ever needing to remedy a sick hamster, it’s critical to locate a veterinarian. Not all veterinarians are qualified to treat hamster injuries and illnesses. Therefore, it’s crucial that you search for someone who can. If you have a sick or injured pet hamster on your hands, it may seem absurd to need a veterinarian, but it is the appropriate thing to do.


Since the larger Syrian breeds shouldn’t be kept in the same hamster cage as dwarf breeds, this rule should only be applied to those breeds. You might believe that visiting the vet for treatment of your sick pet will be too expensive, however some veterinarians will charge less to cure and treat sick hamsters than they would dogs or cats.

It’s a good idea to inquire in advance about the vets’ willingness to work with you on vet fees. Sometimes all you may require is a broad spectrum antibiotic or some professional counsel. Try not to base your treatment choices on the cost of a vet visit.

Medicating your pet

It’s never a good idea to treat your sick hamster yourself using over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs intended for humans. These little guys can readily be poisoned and killed by an overdose. However, if you buy your drugs from your veterinarian, it could be difficult to convince your sick hamster to take its prescription. Some advice for treating a patient who is resistant to therapy includes mixing the medication with the patient’s favorite food or carefully introducing any liquid medications that the patient won’t consume on its own using a syringe. However, exercise caution when using this therapy strategy to prevent the patient from choking on the liquids.

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