101 Best Hamster Bedding You Need To Know

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Best hamster bedding you need to know

Some people would say you’ve been missing out if you’ve never owned a hamster. That is because these adorable creatures are very enjoyable, especially for children. Just because your neighborhood store sells a particular brand of hamster bedding, don’t assume that it is the right brand for your hamster.

Whether you decide to get a hamster as a pet for yourself or your children, you must make sure he has a small space of his own. Your hamster shouldn’t be allowed to escape and run riot through your home. If you have other animals in the house, such as cats or dogs, they might become a little hostile toward the newcomer.


To ensure that your hamster feels secure, comfortable, and at home, you should purchase a suitable cage. You’ll need to upgrade your hamster’s cage with a few accessories, and bedding should be at the top of the list.

Your hamster’s breed is something you should take into account before going out to purchase bedding for them. This is due to the fact that different species of hamsters live in various types of environments in the wild, which has an impact on how and where they burrow. For instance, some people build underground homes for themselves in hot, dry climates. Others inhabit the far north’s grassy plains where they build their nests out of grass.

Which hamster bedding is ideal for your pet rodent? You’ll learn what bedding is good for hamsters and what bedding is bad for them in this article. Continuity follows.

When choosing hamster bedding, take into account 4 factors

Your hamster should live a happy life, first and foremost. This is why we advised looking for bedding that isn’t overly fragrant. In fact, providing your hamster with a secure, hygienic, and comfortable home will help him live a long and fulfilling life.

That partly depends on where your hamster curls up and sleeps, as was already mentioned. As a result, you ought to think about how simple it will be to locate and buy the ideal bedding components for your hamster. When you have located them, check to make sure the fabrics are secure, cozy, and unscented.

  1. Easy to buy

Start by looking at the hamster bedding options at your neighborhood pet stores. Additionally, when kids are in charge of a hamster’s care, they learn some incredible life lessons. Even before you bring your furry little friend home, you want to be certain that there will always be a steady supply of the bedding he requires.

You might have better luck online if your neighborhood pet stores don’t stock or are unable to order the supplies your pet requires.

  1. Safety

The word “safety” keeps coming up, and for good reason. Hamsters are not the most resilient animals. Consequently, you want them to be secure so that they can live as long and as healthily as they can.

In light of this, pay close attention to the components of the hamster bedding you intend to purchase. Some varieties can pierce your hamster’s skin or even poke it, leaving splinters and wounds. Your pet may become infected as a result, which is upsetting. You obviously don’t want your hamster to become ill!

Even worse, other bedding materials might suffocate your hamster. If he is in danger or his cage is filthy and uncomfortable, he won’t be able to do that. Strong scents can irritate or trigger allergic reactions in hamsters because of their extremely sensitive noses and respiratory systems.

You might want to completely choose bedding without scents.

  1. Use the following safe hamster bedding types

Look into the following categories when researching hamster bedding:

  • Toilet paper

While TP might seem like an odd, if not absurd, choice, hamsters like to use soft, light toilet paper as nest-building material for a reason. Toilet paper is safe, but it can also get wet and quickly start to smell bad in your hamster’s cage. This is especially true considering that your hamster will likely relieve himself in his bedding. (You did, after all, give him wc paper.)

However, toilet paper serves as a perfectly adequate temporary fix until you can purchase something slightly more suited for long-term use.

  • Wood shavings

As long as the aspen shavings aren’t ground so finely that they could pass for powder, they make a great option. Here, you’re not aiming for sawdust.

However, unlike toilet paper, which retains moisture, wood shavings effectively absorb moisture. Additionally, even though they are more expensive than a roll of toilet paper, they won’t break the bank either.

Ensure the shavings aren’t splintery, please!

  • Never purchase cedar or pine shavings

Wood shavings vary widely from one another. Some of them demand your avoidance. Because they easily break and splinter, these include both cedar and pine shavings. Splinters can hurt your hamster, as was mentioned above.

  • Don’t use newspaper

Numerous people use newspaper as hamster bedding. However, you should steer clear of this additional material. There is a difference between toilet paper and newspaper that you might not expect there to be: Your hamster could become ill from the chemicals in newspaper ink.

  • Don’t use cat litter

The soft soles of your hamster’s feet can take a serious beating from cat litter. And some litters produce dust that is irritating to the delicate noses of hamsters. The cats should handle the cat litter, if possible.

  1. Get your hamster’s bedding ready

Last but not least, get ready your hamster’s bedding by making sure it is truly free of microscopic bugs. Yes, hamsters can suffer more harm than you might realize from tiny pests like mites and other parasites.

You should freeze any bedding you plan to use for your hamster for at least 48 hours. This will eradicate mites.

After that, make sure to replace the bedding for your hamster at least once every two weeks.

You’ll be on the right track to giving your hamster a life fit for a rodent king or queen if you stick to these advice! And you’ll be able to enjoy having him as a pet throughout his adorable little life!

If you want more helpful advice on looking after your hamster, including tips on food, toys, accessories and accommodation, add a comment below to let us know!

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